Some Standard Results on Differentiability

Functions f(x) Intervals in which f(x) is differentiable
1. Polynomial \displaystyle \left( -\infty , \infty \right)
2. Exponential \displaystyle \left( { a }^{ x },a>0 \right)  \displaystyle \left( -\infty , \infty \right)
3. Constant \displaystyle \left( -\infty ,\infty \right)
4. Logarithmic Each Point in its domain
5. Trigonometric Each Point in its domain
6. Inverse Trigonometric Each Point in its domain


  1. Sum, difference,product and quotient of two differentiable functions is differentiable.
  2. The composition of differentiable function is also a differentiable function.
April 18, 2019
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