Course Curriculum

Liquid in Equilibrium
Liquid in Equilibrium 00:10:21
Thrust and Pressure
Thrust and Pressure Exerted by a Liquid 00:10:27
Question:U1110PNE1 Unlimited
Pascal's Law
Pascal’s Law 00:09:25
Question:U1110PNE2 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNE3 Unlimited
Pascal’s Law, Effect of Gravity 00:12:03
Hydraulic Machines
Hydraulic Lift 00:10:45
Question:U1110PNE5 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNE6 Unlimited
Archimede's Principle
Archimede’s Principle 00:16:20
Equation of Continuity
Equation of Continuity 00:12:33
Energy of a Liquid
Energy of a Liquid 00:21:35
Bernoulli's Theorem and its Derivation
Bernoulli’s Theorem 00:20:03
Question:U1110PNE8 Unlimited
Torricelli's Theorem and its Derivation
Torricelli’s Theorem 00:13:31
Viscosity 00:10:08
Coefficient of Viscosity 00:17:11
Question:U1110PNE9 Unlimited
Poiseuille's Formula and its Derivation
Poiseuille’s Formula 00:09:07
Stoke's Law and its Derivation
Stoke’s Law 00:07:20
Question:U1110PNE10 Unlimited
Terminal Velocity
Terminal Velocity 00:11:40
Surface Tension
Surface Tension 00:20:27
Question:U1110PNE12 Unlimited
Molecular Theory of Surface Tension 00:12:47
Excess Pressure Inside a Liquid Drop 00:14:14
Excess Pressure Inside a Soap Bubble 00:12:33
Angle of Contact 00:16:02
Capillarity 00:16:02
Rise of Liquid in a Capillary Tube (Ascent Formula) 00:18:24
Surface Energy
Surface Energy 00:12:22
Question:U1110PNE4 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNE7 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNE11 Unlimited
NCERT Exercise Solution
Question:U1110PNS1 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS2 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS3 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS4 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS5 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS6 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS7 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS8 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS9 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS10 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS11 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS12 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS13 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS14 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS15 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS16 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS17 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS18 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS19 Unlimited
Question:U1110PNS20 Unlimited
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