Course Curriculum

Heat an Introduction 00:25:11
Temperature 00:19:06
Kelvin Scale of Temperature or Absolute Scale of Temperature 00:11:48
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Expansion 00:19:55
Relation between three coefficient 00:20:28
Question:U1112PNE1 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNE2 Unlimited
Effect of Temperature on Density
Effect of Temperature on Density 00:08:34
Specific Heat
Specific Heat Capacity or Specific Heat 00:11:19
Question:U1112PNE3 Unlimited
Molar Specific Heat or Molar Heat Capacity 00:08:35
Heat Capacity or Thermal Capacity
Heat Capacity or Thermal Capacity 00:05:31
Water Equivalent 00:05:54
Latent Heat
Latent Heat 00:06:46
Question:U1112PNE4 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNE5 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNE6 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNE7 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNE8 Unlimited
Specific Heat of a Gas
Two Specific Heat of Gas Cp and Cv 00:19:52
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Boyle’s Law 00:10:13
Question:U1113PNE1 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNE2 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNE3 Unlimited
Charle’s Law 00:13:14
Question:U1113PNE4 Unlimited
Gay Lussac’s Law or Regnaults Law 00:08:30
Question:U1113PNE5 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNE6 Unlimited
Standard or Perfect Gas Equation 00:10:10
Universal Gas Constant 00:13:33
Ideal Gas or Perfect Gas 00:09:30
Question:U1113PNE7 Unlimited
Pressure Exerted by a Gas 00:08:52
Kinetic Energy per molecule of Gas 00:09:39
Question:U1113PNE8 Unlimited
NCERT Exercise Solution
Question:U1112PNS1 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS2 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS3 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS4 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS5 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS6 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS7 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS8 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS9 Unlimited
Question:U1112PNS10 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS1 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS2 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS3 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS4 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS5 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS6 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS7 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS8 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS9 Unlimited
Question:U1113PNS10 Unlimited
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