Course Curriculum

An Important Property of an Electrostatic Field
Line Integral of Electrostatic Field 00:15:36
Electrostatic Potential
Electrostatic Potential 00:06:55
Electrostatic Potential Difference 00:05:08
Electrostatic Potential Due to a Single Charge or Point Charge 00:12:48
Question:U122PNE1 Unlimited
Potential at a Point Due to an Electric Dipole and System of Charges
Potential at a Point Due to an Electric Dipole 00:15:33
Question:U122PNE3 Unlimited
Electric Potential Due to a Group of Point Charges 00:00:00
Question:U122PNE2 Unlimited
Question:U122PNE4 Unlimited
Question:U122PNE5 Unlimited
Equipotential Surfaces
Equipotential Surfaces 00:13:03
Electrical Capacitance
Electrical Capacitance 00:11:59
A Capacitor 00:14:47
Parallel Plate Capacitor 00:10:11
Spherical Capacitor 00:11:23
Dielectric Constant or Relative Electrical Permittivity 00:06:17
Question:U122PNE8 Unlimited
Combination of Capacitors
Capacitors in Series 00:09:51
Capacitors in Parallel 00:08:21
Question:U122PNE9 Unlimited
Energy Stored in a Capacitor
Energy Stored in a Capacitor 00:11:24
Question:U122PNE10 Unlimited
Sharing of Charges (Common Potential)
Sharing of Charges (Common Potential) 00:08:38
Question:U122PNE6 Unlimited
Question:U122PNE7 Unlimited
NCERT Exercise Solution
Question:U122PNS1 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS2 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS3 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS4 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS5 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS6 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS7 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS8 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS9 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS10 Unlimited
Question:U122PNS11 Unlimited
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