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Why Ucale Learning Platform?

For Everyone, Everywhere And At Every time.

We are an educational organisation to make the availability of learning resources for everyone at everywhere and at every time.

Unlimited Access To Educational Resources

The organisation mission is to provide an unlimited access to educational resources, to make the world class education within the reach of every students across the whole world.

Being used in Schools, Colleges and other Institutions

Ucale’s resources are now being used in schools, colleges and other institutions as a technology based learning

" Ucale's resources are now being used in many schools, colleges and other institutions as a technology based learning"

Make Learning More Interesting

Kumar Rohan

Founder and Executive Director of Ucale.com

Rohan Started Ucale with an objective to utilize technology for education. He was earlier an educator of Physics and Mathematics for more than 8 years. Being an educator for IIT-JEE, he realized to bring his precise concept to the reach of people across India and other countries. He has a vision to bring Ucale in schools, colleges and even in universities across the world.

Prakash Kumar

Executive Director of Ucale.com

Ranked one in Master of Science (Chemistry), Vinoba Bhave University. Educating to students since 2012. Though he himself wanted to join IIT but he was passionate to bring something unique in the field of education. He has given many seminars in the field of technology driven education. His vision is to also bring an online scientific journal to motivate the students towards research.